Art at Opal Sands

Art at Opal Sands

Modern master Christopher Still was commissioned to create a unique art experience at Opal Sands that celebrates the natural and enduring beauty of Clearwater Beach. Still developed original works of art and was additionally charged with overseeing select acquisitions to create a cohesive artistic voice at the resort. Designer Duncan Miller Ullmann outfitted the resort and its 230 guestrooms in contemporary décor inspired by Clearwater’s brilliant opalescent beaches.
Still grew up going to Clearwater Beach and spent a lifetime watching sunsets at Pier 60 in preparation for this project. He has also worked with Carrie Jadus, Duncan McClellan, Mariel Bass, and Bluworld's Arnold Ruiz to develop art elements for the resort that add to the modern décor and celebrate the beauty of Clearwater Beach. 

The Opal Art Collection

Overall I feel the interior design and the artwork has been inspired by the words, "Color, reflect and restore". The vision was to create or acquire works of art that reflect the beauty of Clearwater Beach. The artwork has been inspired by the sun shining on our opalescent beaches and the reflections of color on our Gulf waves. - Christopher Still


Mark Aeling of MGA Sculpture Studio and Christopher Still 2016
Glass and Metal Sculpture
12 ½ x 32 ft.
Guests enter Opal Sands Resort and rise to the surface bathed in the many colors of the beautiful waves of Clearwater Beach. It was artist Christopher Still’s vision to create a metal sculpture with glass that shifted in color as a wave passing over the shallows of a sandbar or deepen with changing depth. Sculptor Mark Aeling skillfully translates the patterns of a shore bound wave into a life size three-dimensional master work of art as Still paints colors with personally selected panes of glass.  The form moves in a chain of colored rings each tirelessly crafted by the sculptor and his team to symbolize the experience of rising beneath the changing colors of our Gulf waves. Still credits art agent Alison Brown for recommending master sculptor Mark Aeling of MGA Sculpture Studio for this successful collaboration. Together Still and Aeling combine the best of two and three-dimensional art.

Sunset on Clearwater Beach

Christopher Still 2016
Oil on canvas 48 x 180 in.
In the main lobby beyond the check in desk artist Christopher Still captures the last moments of a beautiful sunset on Clearwater Beach. The popular landmark Pier 60 is recognizable in the distance. From the many breath taking panoramic views from Opal Sands Resort the iconic Pier 60 calls to visitors to come enjoy the sunset, bring the family and enjoy all that Clearwater Beach has to offer. 

Clear • Water

Fountain by Bluworld, glass artist Arnold Ruiz, lighting by Daryl Vaughn and Light Partners 2016
Fountain with etched glass
7 x 17 ft.
Calming waters greet our guests with impressions of a sunset and egrets in flight. The clear water and serene landscape separate the traveler from the busy mainland; inviting them in for a relaxing calm coastal vacation. Bluworld of Water was commissioned to create this elegant fountain for their front entry. Bluworld is the most trusted name in water feature design and fabrication, and their glass artist Arnold Ruiz was chosen to sandblast the coastal scene created by artist Christopher Still. Daryl Vaughan and Light Partners created the unique lighting effects.

Gulf Spirit

Carrie Jadus, Mark Aeling and MGA Sculpture Studio 2016
Metal Sculpture 
The metal grouper designed for the entrance of Sea-Guini is a collaborative effort between artist Carrie Jadus, sculptor Mark Aeling and MGA Sculpture Studio as well as Christopher Still. Sea-Guini will offer a tropical twist on seafood-centric Italian dining. “Gulf Spirit,” is one fish made up of a variety of marine life and symbolizes the restaurant’s focus on fresh-off-the-boat ingredients. Guests to this destination dining experience will enjoy unprecedented views of the water and sunsets on the Gulf.  
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