Body Treatments

The Detox
The perfect detoxifying program that offers the appearance of toned and firm skin while drawing out impurities. A full body wrap, re-mineralizing thermal waters with active ingredients enveloped in a cocooning mask will deeply renew and detoxify the skin. 50/80 minutes
The Maternity
The ideal nurturing program during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, thanks to the elasticizing, nourishing actions of the natural active ingredients. The Maternity improves circulation, reduces swelling and inhibits stretch-marks. 50 minutes
The Soothe
Rejuvenates and soothes sunburned skin and accelerates the body’s natural healing process while protecting skin from further cellular damage. This nourishing full body cooling and therapeutic wrap calms inflamed skin while replacing lost moisture and restoring vital nutrients with mineral-rich organic algae and aloe, green tea extracts and other antioxidants. Reduce redness and irritation while healing sun-damaged skin. 50 minutes
The Scrub
A precious sensorial synergy of textures, beginning with a vigorous renewing scrub ritual to prepare and smooth the entire body. Concluding with an application of a creamy body butter, bestowing silkiness and nourishment to the body ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind. 25/50 minutes
The Signature
This signature ritual begins with a slow, dry skin brushing followed by a gentle nature inspired exfoliation using a unique scrub enhanced with essential oils, then completed with an application of body serum, oil and cream in a full body, de-stressing massage. This ritual not only deeply nourishes the skin, it combats fatigue and stimulates circulation. Relaxing, Revitalizing, Restorative. 80 minutes
The Quench
Indulge in a luxurious, skin-softening ocean odyssey. This program prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body, which is necessary to keep skin smooth and firm. First, a stimulating full-body exfoliating polish removes dry skin and revs up the circulation. Then the body is masked to tone and firm your skin. This journey is concluded with a full body application of luxuriously hydrating oils. 110 minutes
Tranquility Ritual
A precious sensorial synergy of delicate textures, beginning with a unique renewing scrub ritual for smooth, soft skin, enhanced with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. Concluding with aromacological scents and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind. 110 minutes
Longevity Ritual
A complete longevity approach to target the four primary causes of accelerated cellular aging reflected in the skin: inflammation, glycation, oxidation and methylation. The choice of a face or body program or the combination of both, to actively correct imperfections, whilst protecting against further damage, enhanced with Kabat massage, to stimulate vitality to tissues. This ritual program graces your skin with natural and organic elements from all around our precious earth restoring your soul with strong, nurturing and loving touch. 110 minutes
Sacred Nature  eco_cert_logo
Your Organic Choice! This all natural and organic face and body ritual provides nourishment and protection for dry and sensitive skin. This ritual graces the face and body with elements from around the world restoring your soul with a strong, nurturing and loving touch. Deeply restoring organic oils combined with essential anti-oxidants restore silky skin texture with profound softness and moisture. 110 minutes


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