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Detox The perfect detoxifying programme that offers the appearance of toned and firm skin while drawing out impurities. A full body wrap, re-mineralizing thermal waters with active ingredients enveloped in a cocooning mask will deeply renew and detoxify the skin. 80 minutes $180

Soothe Rejuvenates and soothes sunburned skin and accelerates the body’s natural healing process while protecting skin from further cellular damage. This nourishing full body cooling and therapeutic wrap calms inflamed skin while replacing lost moisture and restoring vital nutrients with mineral-rich organic algae and aloe, green tea extracts and other antioxidants. Reduce redness and irritation while healing sun-damaged skin. 50 minutes $130

Opal Signature Experiences

Signature Body Renewal This signature ritual begins with a skin brushing followed by a gentle nature inspired exfoliation using a unique scrub enhanced with essential oils, then completed with an application of body serum, oil and cream in a full body, de-stressing massage. This ritual not only deeply nourishes the skin; it combats fatigue and stimulates circulation. Relaxing, Revitalizing, Restorative. 80 minutes $230

Signature Facial Radiance Fusing science and nature, this ultra-luxe facial is perfect for any skin. Using the latest anti-aging technologies for increased firmness, elasticity and fullness to nourish and hydrate. This combination back and face treatment not only minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also instantly softens the skin leaving your skin radiant, dewy and delicately scented. 80 minutes $230

Signature Manicure and Pedicure Begin your Luxury Ritual with a deliciously scented warm hand or foot bath that transforms into an indulgent, nourishing bath to deeply condition and protect the skin against environmental stress. This exquisite Signature manicure and pedicure combine skin softening minerals, a gentle rhythmic and relaxing pressure point massage, and, of course, perfection in shaping, cuticle attention and final polish. Manicure 55 minutes $65 / Pedicure 75 minutes $90


Traditional This most well-known and widely practiced form of classic massage uses a light touch, long, flowing strokes and gentle transitions designed to warm and relax muscles in preparation for such techniques as kneading and applying medium pressure. This treatment will relax, revitalize and renew your body. Benefits include increased blood and lymph circulation, eased tension and energetic revitalization. 50 minutes $115/80 minutes $180

Signature Perfect Massage Since the body constantly changes as well as your treatment needs, we create the perfect massage for you based on what your body needs for healing and restoration. This Perfect Massage allows you and your technician to combine any of our available massage therapies into one perfect massage created just for you. 80 minutes $230

Deep A therapeutic treatment aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissue. While using many of the same techniques as traditional Swedish, the pressure is more intense and focused as your therapist works to release chronic muscle tension. Alleviate discomfort while addressing problematic joint and muscular areas with focused medium to firm pressure. 50 minutes $145/80 minutes $210

Therapeutic The therapeutic massage is a customized massage designed to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem using just the right amount of pressure, which could be a firmer or lighter touch. 50 minutes $130 / 80 minutes $195

Prenatal This gentle calming massage will promote a Relax tense muscles, increase circulation and ease back pain. You must be out of your first trimester to enjoy this service. 50 minutes $115 / 80 minutes $180


Signature Facial Skin Luxury! This luxurious facial uses a fusion of science and nature, this ultra-luxe programme is perfect for any skin. Using the latest in natural essential oils and anti-aging technologies for increased firmness, elasticity and fullness to nourish and hydrate. 80 minutes $230

Custom Facial Your perfect maintenance facial! This prescription facial is customized according to your basic skin condition and concerns, whether it be deep cleansing, rehydration, or soothing nourishment. A gentle yet effective facial thanks to the power of natural active ingredients. 50 minutes $130 / 80 minutes $195

Organic Facial Your organic choice! This all-natural programme provides deep cleansing, nourishment and protection for dry, sensitive skin. This ritual programme graces your skin with natural and organic elements from all around our precious earth restoring your soul with strong, nurturing and loving touch. Deeply restoring organic oils combined with essential anti-oxidants restore silky skin texture with profound softness and moisture exquisite gifts of nature. 50 minutes $150

Oxygen Facial Breathe new life into your skin. This exclusive programme is not only a delightful sensory experience but also stimulates cellular response to help diminish the visible signs of aging. The end result is clear and luminous skin with the feeling of firmness. This amazing programme is not only effective in handling major skincare concerns but is a beautiful programme for those who would like to get that “Glow” and is a perfect accessory just before that special night out. This programme is partnered with an enzyme peel for obtaining a radiance that will turn heads. 50 minutes $145/80 minutes $230


Signature Experience The gift of renewal, tranquility, and the luster of pure Luxury. Enjoy a combination of the Signatures. Body Renewal / Facial / Manicure and Pedicure approximately 6 hours. All services are performed on the same day and offer a lunch break of 80 minutes when booking. Light lunch is included. This is the ultimate day package. Approximately 6 hours $590

Essence Enjoy your favorite spa with your favorite services with this half day of relaxation. 50 Minute Custom facial / 50 Minute Swedish Massage/ Classic Manicure and Pedicure Approximately 3.5 hours $330

Duet Ritual Perfectly packaged for two. Mother/Daughter, Honeymoon or BFF’s spa Re-Treat for two. Share, relax and reconnect in the paradise that is Spa! Choose from a 50 minute Swedish Massage or a 50 minute Custom Facial with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure. Approximately 2 hours $410 Per Couple.
Spa Enhancements are available to add as upgrade to any package.

Mind • Body • Spirit

Anti-Anxiety A precious sensorial synergy of delicate textures, beginning with a unique renewing scrub ritual for smooth, soft skin, enhanced with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. Concluding with aromacological scents and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind. 120 minutes $230

Sacred Nature Your Organic Choice! This all natural and organic face and body ritual provides nourishment and protection for dry and sensitive skin. This ritual graces the face and body with elements from around the world restoring your soul with a strong, nurturing and loving touch. Deeply restoring organic oils combined with essential anti-oxidants restore silky skin texture with profound softness and moisture. 110 minutes $295

Manicure/Pedicure TREATMENTS

Signature OPAL’s exquisite Signature manicure and pedicure combine skin softening minerals, a silicate exfoliation, and a hydrating paraffin mask with a rhythmic and relaxing massage. Manicure 55 minutes $65/ Pedicure 75 minutes $90

Organic Your organic choice! This all-natural programme provides a rejuvenating soak and scrub, organic oil programme for cuticles, and a delicious mask with exfoliation to reduce hyper-pigmentation and an anti- aging body balm massage to soften rough, callused hands and feet. Deeply restoring organic oils combined with essential anti-oxidants restore silky skin texture with profound softness and moisture exquisite gifts of nature. Manicure 45 minutes $55/ Pedicure 55 minutes $70

Classic Select your scent and begin your journey! Your selected essence highlights your foot bath salts, lotion and Shea butter intense hydration, creating a memorable experience that leaves your fingers and toes beautifully harmonized. Manicure 35 minutes $45/ Pedicure 45 minutes $60

Hands & Feet Enhancements
*Denotes additional time or charge.

Polish Change $16
Paraffin* $20
Gel Color* $20
Gel Color Removal* $20
Extra Foot Massage* $25

Massage Enhancements

Enjoy any or all of these $25 enhancements during your service.
  • Hot Stones Feel the relaxing warmth penetrate the muscle & relieve any chronic discomfort.
  • Sacred Nature Body Butter Butterfly Bush Extract, Jojoba Oil, Orange Water, Karite Butter & other Eco-Certified Organic ingredients will leave your skin soft & supple.
  • Concretta Hand or Foot Mask Mask your hands or feet with a nourishing & luxurious shea butter body balm by Zents.
  • Moroccan Hair & Scalp Massage Nourish the scalp with an Argon Oil rich massage while conditioning the hair with Moroccan Oil.
  • Hand or Foot Scrub* Exfoliate the hands or feet with the effects of a gentle scrub. * Indicates a take-home product.

Skin Care Enhancements

Extend your service with one of these enhancements.
Mask Enhancements $25
  • The Exotic Lactic & Mandelic acids renew, brighten & nourish the skin. Made with berries from the Australian Outback.
  • The Firm Firming Peptide mask tightens and tones the skin through plasmatic stimulation.
  • The Caviar & Lime Your sensitive choice. Low level buffered enzymes provide gentle exfoliation.
  • The Marshmallow Deep hydration & moisture for dry or sun damaged skin.
  • The Cool Snow Algae, Spirulina & Aloe make this Anti-Inflammatory gel mask. Designed to detox, defend & rejuvenate skin cells.

Anti-Inflammatory Enzyme $35
  • Coco Good for all skin types including Acneic & Rosacea.
  • Raspberry Brightening enzyme designed for photo damaged skin.
  • Zymaise Ideal for severely environmentally damaged or aging skin.

Eye & Lip Mask $35
Let this collagen rich treatment plump those lips & lift those eyes.

Hand or Foot Scrub Mask 25 minutes $45*
Enjoy an aromatic scrub completed with a Concretta Balm mask on the hands or feet. * Indicates a take-home product.

Back Pack $45
Detoxifying back scrub & clay mask will leave your back clear & purified.

Oxygen Infusion $55
Penetrate the dermas to achieve ultimate cleanliness allowing oxygen to better treat the skin.

All spa services will be assessed an 18% gratuity. This charge is automatically added to your service as a convenience. Additional gratuities for superior service are always appreciated.

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